CH-FS707W white foam swab

CH-FS707W white foam swab


The type of CH-FS707W which head is small and handle is small as well, this type is good to be used in the  semiconductor  industry. The pointed, non-abrasive foam head is designed for cleaning small, slotted areas.

Our handle material is ESD-safe polypropylene, it has excellent ESD performance. And the excellent cleaning is controlled and supported flexible paddle.  The foam exhibits low particulate and ionic content. It has excellent compatibility with most solvents including acetone s well as excellent absorbency and solvent-holding capacity.


CH-FS707W dim

Features :

  • Free from silicone, amide and DOP
  • Low non-volatile residue
  • Low in both particles and ion content
  • Excellent solvent-holding capacity
  • Compatible with most common solvents
  • No contaminating adhesives or coatings.


1.The 100ppi open-cell sponge or polyester head have excellent absorbency and cleaning affect.

2.The polypropylene handle has excellent ESD performance, it can protect the sensitive components or parts. And the handle won’t produce any particle when it is using.


  • Micro-mechanical cleaning
  • Effectively clean small slotted. recessed areas
  • Remove flux residue and excess material
  • Use in the cleaning static sensitive components parts
  • Used in the electronics, semiconductor, hard disk drive, LCD, PCB, SMT, IC, medical and biotech industry.