CS25-001 (Huby 340 CA-002) Cleanroom Cotton Swabs

CS25-001 (Huby 340 CA-002) Cleanroom Cotton Swabs

clean cotton swabs are provided with high quality and cleanliness,and usually used in cleanroom.Its laundered clean swab head is designed elaborately,can remove particle and residue excellently without abrasion.uique thermal bonding and cleaning process ensure a minimum of particle shedding from swab head.the handle is made of high quality paper material which never contrbutes particulate contamination to the cleanroom.

the head is made of cotton fiber filament
flammable and no harm to the environment
available for cleaning small slotted and grooved areas
low particle generation and less contaminated ions
no silicone oil,Amide,DOP,etc
no contamination adhensives

clean cotton swab are commly used in laser and related industries,semiconductor and related in dustries,for cleaning optics,electron microscope,magnetic read&write head .video head HDD,precision devices in small slotted and grooved areas.