BNCC-300625FS Currency counter cleaning card

BNCC-300625FS Currency counter cleaning card

The unique design of the Spring Flex has a Scrubbing and Spring Loaded Features that will clean the Currency Note Recognition Lenses and Rollers, and Feed Path Guide.

The Presaturated with IPA Solution Cleaning Card will effectively Cleaned and removed all the Ink Residues, Dusts and Debris Contaminants on the Rollers Surface and Feed Path.

Presat IPA Wipes can be used in Conjunction with Cleaning Card for cleaning the Interior and Exterior of the Currency Counter. Presat IPA Wipes can remove the Hard Stubborn Stain of Adhesive or Ink or Oil Residues that cannot be removed by Normal Dry Wiping Cloth.

Good Routine Maintenance will increase the Accuracy of the Readability and Prolong the Service Life of the Counter.

Standard Packing Information

1) Currency Counter Cleaning Cards (Flex Spring Feature)
Standard Size : 3” x 6.25” x 0.012” ( Individual Pouch and Presat with 99.9% Grade IPA Solution )
Packing : 25 Pieces Per Box.
Part Number : TPCC-BNCC-300625FS

2) Presat IPA Wipes (Individual Pouch)
Standard Size : 5” x 5.3” or 125 x 135 (mm)