BVCC-65185FD Bill validator strip flocked cleaning card

BVCC-65185FD Bill validator strip flocked cleaning card

– Pre-Saturated With Alcohol Free Cleaner

Packing : 25 Cleaning Cards Per Box

Nominal Size Dimension : 85 X 185 X 0.60 mm

Part Number : BVCC-65185FD

Available Cleaning Solution

1)Pre-Saturated With Alcohol Free Cleaner
2)Pre-Saturated With IPA Solution
Size Available:
65 X 185 X 0.60 mm
73 X 185 X 0.60 mm
85 X 185 X 0.60 mm
OEM Service are available as well.

Features & Benefits

  • Clean Efficiently due to Brush Cleaning Effect.
  • Less machine failures due to effective dirt removal.
  • Simple and Easy Handling


For all machine systems with Bank Note Acceptors or Validators, simultaneously cleans drive rollers, belts and reference surfaces.

Strip Flocked Cleaning Card are available in various widths depending on types of currency.


Bill Validator Strip Flocked Cleaning Card is best recommended for Bill Acceptors or Validators Preventive Maintenance. It is extremely effective in high level of dirt collection.

It can be pre-moistened with Alcohol Free Cleaner to achieve high degree of Cleanliness. Our proprietary formulated Alcohol Free Cleaner Solution is anti-microbial, 100% non-toxic, non- flammable, environmental friendly and RoHS compliant. Refer to MSDS_BVCC-65185-FD

Alcohol Free Cleaner is free from Iso Propyl Alcohol, Ammonia and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and safely cleans , removes dust, dirty stain, and leaves no residue on the surface.