IPA-M3 Pre-saturated Cleaning wipe

IPA-M3 Pre-saturated Cleaning wipe

Technical Cleaning Wipes

– Pre-saturated With IPA

Packing : 40 Cleaning Wipes / Box

Opening Size (mm) : 127 x 152

Folded Size (mm) : 42x 38

Part Number : IPA-M3


Spunlace Wipes are Pre-saturated with 99.9% Electronic Grade IPA Solution used in the Preventive Maintenance of Card Printers and Transaction Devices to clean the Thermal Print Heads, Platen Rollers, and Interior Components of the Device.

It is widely recommended for Cleaning LCD Computer Screen, POS Terminal, ATM Terminal, Keyboard, Label Printer and other Equipment where Ink Stains and Adhesive Residues are difficult to remove. It can killed most Bacteria.


  • All Card Readers.
  • ATM/POS Terminals.
  • ID Card Printers.
  • Label and Barcode Printers.
  • Inkjet Printers.
  • LCD Computer Screen.
  • Check Scanners or Check Readers.