IPA-4.5 Snap swab – 4.5″

IPA-4.5 Snap swab – 4.5″

Pre-saturated IPA Snap Swab(3″/4.5″ are avialable)

The Plastic Handle on these Swab are filled with 99.9% IPA Solution.

Simply Squeeze or Snap the Plastic Handle and the Foam Head becomes saturated with just the right amount of Cleaning Solution.

Clean the Thermal Print Head by using a back & fourth motion to effectively remove dirt and debris accumulated on the print head thus extending the life of the print head and maintaining a readable image.

Available in 2 Sizes : 3.0” or 4.5”

Packing : 25 Swabs per Ziplock Bag ; 50 Swabs/Box

Part Number : IPASS-3.0 and

Part Number : IPASS-4.5 respectively.


  • 100 ppi, Open Cell Polyurethane Rectangular Foam Tipped.
  • Non Abrasive.

Typical Applications:

  1. Computer Keyboards.
  2. Optical and Magnetic Head Devices.
  3. Electronic Components.



Foam Tip Urethane.
Handle material Polypropylene.
Handle Dimensions (length x diameter) Approximately 4.5” x 0.200” or 114 X 5.2 (in mm)
Foam Tip Dimensions (length x width) 0.984” x 0.591” or 25 x 15 (in mm)
Fill Content 90% of IPA – 99.9% / 10% Deionized Water.
Solution Content 4.5” (2.0 ML)